Sunday Sentiments

Aug 1, 2010

One week ago today my grandmother passed away. She had been in a lot of pain recently and having an even harder time than normal breathing and such. She died in such a peaceful her home and surrounded by every single one of the children that she brought into this world. 

The day before she passed away, my grandmother became a believer. While I grievance is for my family. For my dad. For the ones who have yet to see and accept the Truth. And even for me, because in a selfish way, I wish I could have told her that I would miss her getting on to me about whistling or even that I wish I had come around a few more times that I did. But even during the visitation and funeral, I felt peace and happiness for my grandma. 

I imagined her in Heaven taking the biggest, deepest breath that she's taken in probably 30 years. She isn't confined to where her oxygen hose will allow her to go. She isn't having to take hold of things just to get from one room to the next. She is walking with my Jesus...her Jesus. 

I tend to smirk at funeral talk. You know, the "she's in a better place" talk. I think because most of the time it's a phrase non-Christians use who don't really even know if they believe in the "better place"...or ones who think that everyone goes there. Anyway, that was one phrase that could truly have been said of my grandmother. That she is with her Creator. The one who formed her and loved her before she was even born. 

Man...I'm jealous to be honest. 


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