Kindred Connections: Confessions Day Four

Aug 5, 2010

Today's confession topic? Accents. Ahhhhcents. ACK-sents.

Confession:: I feel neutral in this area. I really don't know what accent I have. The only real southern word I use is "y'all" and that's only occasionally. I'm not even sure it has a twang with it! My friends from the south say that I sound like I'm from the north. My friends from the north say I don't sound like I'm from the north but I "don't sound like the rest of the people around here". 

Confession:: I love listening to different accents. Of course, women supposedly love men with accents different than their own. Part of the intrigue, I think, with foreign men is just because it's so different than what we're used to. I honestly think I might get annoyed after awhile with an accent that was completely different than what I was used to.

Confession:: I'd like to be able to be as talented as this woman. 

Alrighty, only ONE MORE DAY to join the confessions!



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  1. Oh, I LOVE Amy Walker! So you're a girl from nowhere too, huh? ;-) I hear ya! Wish there was a name for that, so at least we'd have SOME kind of identity, you know? Happy Friday Kelsea!