Kindred Connections: Confessions Day Three (on day four!)

Aug 5, 2010

Today's Windy Poplars confessions? Sleep.

Confession::  I LOVE sleep!

Confession:: I can't stand being hot when I'm trying to sleep. I'd much rather be cold with a good down comforter and soft sheets. I get grumpy when I get hot. Grumpy mixed with tired = not a good combination.

Confession:: Now that I've experience sleeping with a down matress on top of my regular mattress and a down comforter AND a down pillow...I just can't get "down" with anything else! 

Confession:: I rarely use a pillow. Most of the time I lay on my stomach with my hands at my side or above my head with my head turned towards the left. It hurts my neck if I'm turned towards the right. That's the only way I can fall asleep.

Confession:: During the rare times that I actually sleep on my side, my favorite side is my Left side and I almost always throw my left leg over something....a bunched up comforter...and sometimes even an innocent "bysleeper"!

Confession:: I've had more confessions about sleep than any other subject so far....that may be an indication I like sleep too much. Even now, I feel like a nap!

As a side note, isn't this one of the coolest beds you've ever seen?!

1 comment:

  1. That is an adorable bed! LOVE! Where did you find it?

    And I can't sleep when I'm hot either, grumpy may not be a good enough word describe how disgruntled I get, haha. Have a great week! :)