Kindred Connections:: Confessions Day One

Aug 2, 2010

This week, Kristen over at Windy Poplars is encouraging us to blog some confessions. Honestly, one of my favorite things (which happens to sometimes be my least favorite thing) is to be honest and vulnerable with others. I find it refreshing and "burden-lifting".

Today, the topic is Food Confessions.  I'm a picky person, so this should be interesting. 

CONFESSION:: I only recently started to like Salad. When I was younger I wouldn't touch much less eat lettuce for a million bucks. It tasted like grass and by-golly I was not going to put it in my mouth. The first time I actually enjoyed a salad was when I tried a bite of my Dad's Blue Cheese Chop Salad with candied pecans. I think my taste buds were tricked because the lettuce was so tiny and practically drenched in delicious dressing. Now I only like Caesar Salad (Panera's is the best!). I think that's the only kind I like because it doesn't have carrots or tomatoes or onions. You know, those gross veggies? I kind of like that my taste buds are somewhat changing. 

CONFESSION:: Broccoli triggers my gag reflex every single time. 

CONFESSION: I told my mom I knew what sex was by demonstrating with our pigs-in-the-blanket dinner when I was 10. Kids do the darndest things, right?

CONFESSION: If you were to look at my bank statement, probably a good 60% of it would be fast food purchases. I'm ashamed. THIS week is actually starting my fast from fast food! Wish me luck! I can't get in shape and be healthy if I'm eating processed junk. 

Can't wait to see what else Kristin has for us to confess this week! 



  1. Love it! Funny how our taste buds change, isn't it? I used to have that gag reflex w/ asparagus. Now, I love it! Talk about a 180! Good luck w/ your fast food fast...that sounds like a great commitment.~ Would you like to link up to the "party"? You can do so (or I can do it for you), by clicking on the "click here to enter" under my post. That way other people can come easily visit your post! I'm looking forward to the week of confessions too :-)...can't wait to hear what everybody shares! Thanks for participating, oh, and I thought I had already become a follower of yours...strange. Going to fix that right now. Happy Monday!

  2. I can totally understand the brocoli thing-I love it but I can see how the smell would trigger a gag! I usually prefer mine coated with cheese anways!

    The pigs and a blanket thing is hilarious! I bet your mom was mortified (and cracked up at the same time)!

    I am trying to eat healthier's so hard! And expensive!

    I enjoyed reading your blog-I'm a new follower!:-) Look forward to getting to know you!


  3. We fell into the fast food funk for awhile also! We still eat out probably more than we should, I'm just not one of the "I love to cook" people. lol @ the pig in the blanket!