Kindred Connections: Confession Day Two

Aug 3, 2010

Today, Kristin at Windy Poplars gave us the confession subject of Money Saving. 

Confession:: I HATE not having money in my savings account. It makes me VERY nervous! I get a steady bi-weekly paycheck but aside from rent and bills, the leftovers have been going to things like gas and food.

Confession:: I NEVER fill up at the gas station. Really, my thoughts are warped in this area. I only put about $10 at a time in my tank. Silly, I know. I realize that one $40 fill-up is the same as 4 $10 fill-ups (I'm sure if you really looked at it, I'm spending more on the smaller but more frequent fill-ups). I think I just FEEL better not spending as much. Michael just rolls his eyes at me and will sometimes MAKE me put more than 10 bucks in. :)

Confession::  I can't remember the last time I bought an article of clothing for full-price. I'm genetically attracted to the red CLEARANCE signs in the back of the store. When I say genetically, you'll understand after I explain that my grandparents will not eat fast food unless they have coupons for that restaurant. And when we all go out to eat, they only hit the places where they know the cashier so she'll let them use more than two senior drink vouchers. I'm not nearly that bad...but I never pass up a good coupon!

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  1. Kelsea, your grandparents are a hoot! But that'll probably be me when I'm old - seeing as I'm just about that way now :-). I'm the same way about the gas issue as you are! It's so psychological, but I can't break it. On a GOOD day, I can do $20, but beyond that, forget it! I think it partially has to do with the fact that gas is not fun at all to buy, so to fork out $40 at a time, for something as boring as thanks! So glad you joined the fun again today :-) Happy Tuesday!