Blog Redesign

Aug 31, 2010

If you were to ask my family to verify the fact that I LOVE re-arranging furniture, they'd chuckle and then suddenly turn serious and ask you to take me to rehab for people suffering from various forms of OCD. 

When I was a teenager and still living at home, I'd get the urge to re-arrange my room and had uneasiness that kept me awake until I got everything moved. Not only did I have to get everything moved, but every little thing had to be in its place. There was no leaving things on the floor and waiting until morning to find them a home. That just didn't work for me. As silly as this sounds, some of the most enjoyable times I had just being alone was when I was in my room, strategically planning and drawing out (yes, drawing out) where each piece of furniture would go. It was just me and my form of being creative at the time. 

Aside from furniture postions changing, the interior "design" of the room would change, as well. For a few years the walls were bright orange with a rainbow striped duvet cover and paintings I had done on the walls. When I hit the last few years of high school, I decided to paint the room a khaki color and use shabby chic bedding and more "mature" art decor. 

I've always kind of prided myself on having such a broad range of style. I don't mean to say I know modern style that well, but I didn't have a specific style I stuck with. I still don't. My apartment now definitely looks more grown up but I still have the itching to move things around once in awhile. Oh who am I kidding? Once a week! 

Alright, so to focus in on the real point of this post already.......

I've only recently joined the blogging world. Heck, I didn't even know what HTML was until I decided I wanted to make my blog pretty like all the other blogs I was reading. My blog was originally black and white damask with a lime green header. But with every new and cute blog I read, I like their design better than mine! I've been worried that my design isn't really "me", but then I decided that "me" is whatever I want it to be. I don't have a certain style, but just go with the mood I'm in. That's my style, my design, my look - whatever I feel like! 

I'm ready to experiment with the design of this thing. Feel free to give me your input! I'm feeling creative, and this is a lot easier than moving furniture!


  1. Yay for adding some spice to your blog! You should create a photo header for your blog. You can use to create one. Let me know if you need any tips!

  2. Lookin' cute around here Kelsea! I am just like you: I LOVE to rearrange furniture/change wall colors, etc.- In fact, we've just redone our guest room and guest bath, and I rearranged my living room - all in one month! So glad you've been finding some good steals at Goodwill lately! So fun to furnish a new apartment :-) Good luck on your continued dabbling in HTML. I'm still very much a beginner myself...there are lots of great tutorials out there though.- Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend so far! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, ~K

  3. OMG... I used to rearrange my bedroom all the time... now I live in a tiny apartment, and I barely get the furniture in... not much room for rearranging!! You did a great job with your blog so far... and I've had some serious blog design envy myself... some people just have the most creative ideas!! Good luck with your blog and I'll keep reading!!