What begins, must end.

May 15, 2010

Well fellow bloggers....I have some news.

Nothing too exciting, really. Just barely worthy to share, really.



Okay...next subject. No, I'm kidding. I suppose it's a pretty big deal. I decided to skip the entire graduation ceremony at my school, even though the infamous Glenn Beck will be the guest speaker of the event. At the point during my busy semester in which I had to make announcement decisions, buy a cap and gown, and think about sitting in a ceremony for hours just to walk across the stage amid people I don't know, it just got overwhelming - and I decided to skip out. I'm not regretting my decision. I am however, somewhat regretting the attitude with which I approached this whole graduating process. I think it spread to everyone else in my life. Don't get me wrong - I wasn't expecting some big party or anything (that's happening later this summer). I just wanted some verbal affirmation I suppose. I got it from a few people, but I guess I've just had a sensitive, stressful week - so I'm taking it extra hard. That sounds so silly once I read it all typed out, but hey. It's the honest truth.

When I think about my undergraduate career, I definitely have some great memories. My freshman year was spent in Cleveland, TN at Lee University as a Music Ed. Major with Piano. Although I hardly ever practiced, I LOVED all of my classes. I found it amazing that I got to learn music theory and sing in a choir as part of my classes! I made an amazing group of friends there and have some really great memories. Aside from a few minor details, it was everything that a freshman year should be. After my first year, I decided to transfer to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va, about an hour and a half from where my parents live. Near the ending of my second freshman semester, I just felt uneasy about returning. I prayed about it and didn't know exactly why, but I just kind of was led to go to LU. Standing where I am today, I can totally see God's hand in that. Amazing. Anyways, I spent two years at LU with my first semester still as a Music Ed. major. THEN.......that semester made me really dislike doing music as my life. I then went through several major changes as result of a minor freak out. I had NO idea what I wanted to do. For a solid week I was absolutely sure I wanted to teach History. I then went into a school setting to observe as part of an assignment for an education class. Boy, was I wrong. Long story short, I changed to Psychology (which I LOVE) and took 21 credits last summer in order to graduate early. And here I am. It DOES feel good to say that I actually accomplished what I set out to do. Since last summer, I have also been working (mostly part-time) as an ID/DD Clinician. I've been particularly busy. This past semester I also took my GRE, applied for Graduate School, and got accepted to each school I was interested in. It's been SUCH a blessing for all of those things to happen in my life. I have definitely not given my complete 100% academically, spiritually, socially....they've all fallen SO SO short. If I could go back, I'd retain more knowledge, get out of my selfish shell, reach out to others more, study more, stand up for myself more, get better grades, be more faithful to God and be more dedicated to seeking His will, etc. But the thing is...I'm learning now. I'm learning SO much and I'm ready to move forward knowing what I want and need to change, and knowing how I'm going to do that. I do feel regret about my undergraduate degree...a bit more than I'm letting on. All I can do, however, is move forward and make changes.

Aside from this week being the week of my graduation (that I'm not participating in), it was my last week working with my client of one year. It was rough leaving his house today. His family was home and I was trying to hold back the tears until I got into my car. That didn't go so well. I went to tell him goodbye in his room and came back out looking like a leaky faucet. Although I will share no details, I can say that it has been a wonderful process to be involved in. I consider it a privilege to have the job that I do.

This post is really sounding a lot like a post about things coming to an end......but really, it's only the beginning.

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  1. Hi Kelsea! It's Kristin (from Chelsa and Lauren's picnic). I just found your blog via your FB profile, and it's so fun to find another fellow blogger! You're an amazing writer...I really enjoyed my time here... I look forward to keeping in touch :-) Well, just wanted to leave a note and let you know that I stopped by! Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend.~