Dumbmills and Treadbells

Apr 27, 2010

Tonight I ran. Tonight I ran more than usual. Tonight I pushed a little more than usual. Tonight I pushed with my all my might. Then....as I get off the treadmill to walk over to get some water my ears start ringing and suddenly sound is muffled. The bounce of the basketballs, the referee whistles, and the cheering crowd below me slowly start to fade. All I can hear is the trickling of the water and the vibrating of the water fountain. And that, folks, was when I lost my hearing.

That's not true.

But my ears did feel weird. And I did feel a bit like I was floating. And the stuff about the sounds was all true.

Thinking about things like what we hear, what we don't hear, nerves, neurons, synapses, chemical gradients, leads me to think about how magnificent the body really is. I mean...have you ever read about breastfeeding? How about a mom breast feeding two kids - who are different ages? Do you KNOW what the mom's body does? It produces different kind of milk for the each baby/infant and the body just knows which one to produce according to which baby is...there. I mean...I dare you to try and tell me that's not seriously amazing. Or how about the brain? for sake of more normal conversation It does things that would boggle itself. If we really take a look at LIFE, how could we assume anything but a perfect Creator? Seriously. I mean, from the glass half full perspective, we truly are marvelous creations.

Anyways, I digress.

I got quite a bit accomplished today. It feels great to know that some of the things I was worrying so much about the past few days were able to be crossed off my list (the list I keep in my organizer...that I spend time organizing. Tell me that isn't weird) in a matter of a few hours of diligent work. Diligent work meaning I only checked Facebook a total of two times. That's progress, people. So I end this day with a tiny little pat on my own back for getting things done, some time in the Word, and an adieu. to you. and you. and yes, even you.


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