Apr 22, 2010

Campus Church tonight was so good. Lately, I've been attempting to wrap my head around everything happening in my life - both on the surface and spiritually.  Let's recap.

I graduate college in about three weeks. Between now and then I have about 1.64 million tasks to accomplish.

In 16 days, my younger sister is getting married. On top of that I, as the MOH, have to give a speech mid the tears and distorted crying face.

In about 5 weeks, I move out of my current apartment and either back home for a short time or straight to a new apartment in the town where I will be spending the next few years working on my Masters. 

I've started my own little jewelry-making site and have been making and trying to sell jewelry. Two weddings booked so far.

Aside from that, I've had a rough past two weeks. All of this packed into about a month's worth of time could make anyone go slightly neurotic. However....

Tonight I was reminded to focus on what really, truly matters - being in tune to why I was created in the first place. We worshipped our Creator the entire service. As I've tried to grasp everything that's going on spiritually and emotionally lately, I've needed to remind myself to take a breather, do what I know needs to be done, set good priorities, and focus on MY relationship with God...not YOUR relationship with God. Even during a worship service I get so distracted by others and even my own thoughts. I'm working on total abandon of everything but my heart, soul, and mind - focused in like the lens of a camera on the one thing that can bring me clarity and that is the true person and nature of Christ.

I was reminded of several things today. Here they are..
Worrying is saying I don't trust God enough to handle my problems.
The Spirit has power to do things I can't even imagine. Ask in faith and He promises to be faithful. Ashamedly, I underestimate the power of God so many times.
I'm often a hypocrite, darn it.
My ideal future, path, husband, family, life - I don't have to settle for anything less. God put those specific desires in my heart for a reason - HE wants those same things for me, too.
I have family members who aren't believers....He's putting them on my mind for a reason.
God loves me unconditionally. Whoa. That's not even heard of anymore.

It's funny how much God will tell you when you actually CHOOSE to listen.


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